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Nines Photovoltaics was established in 2010, with a dedicated team that is focused on bringing new innovative process technology, machinery and equipment to the international Photovoltaic (PV) solar cell manufacturing industry. The company is based in Dublin, Ireland.

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11/10/17 ADE + PERC = 20.3% efficiency

NINES ADE texture demonstrates 20.3% mc-Si PERC cells at first try with Tier 1 cell manufacturer

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Meet the team

 Edward Duffy - Founder and CEO

Edward Duffy (left)             Laurent Clochard (right)

Laurent Clochard - CTO


Nines Engineering

Nines Photovoltaic is a sister company of Nines Engineering, an Irish company set up in 2007, and built up based on the founders experience, knowledge and contacts within the Semiconductor manufacturing industry. In 2009 the management team identified opportunities in the Photovoltaic (PV) space in which they could bring their extensive Semiconductor industry knowledge, and add value to the sector by developing novel processing technologies.

Nines Engineering continues to trade and specialises in process and equipment services to OEMs, academic institutes and device manufacturing end-users. For further information see www.nines-engineering.com

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