The texturing process is the etching step with the highest added value. It modifies the surface of the wafer in order to create a structure that increases the amount of light absorbed in the cell, and therefore increase the overall efficiency of the cell. Current wet processes have limited efficiency and require the deposition of additional anti-reflective layers on top of the cell.


Nines ONYX texturing process delivers surface textures with superior optical properties and reflectivity as low as 2%.The cells look darker providing best in class aesthetic for all type of wafers, including multi-crystalline.

The amount of silicon removed to achieve theses textures is minimal, leading to cost saving not only on etching consumables but also on silicon, i.e. the wafers could enter the factory thinner yet the finished cell would have the same thickness as for a wet process.

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ADE + PERC = 20.3% efficiency

Nines PV have demonstrated their ADE texturing process in a PERC mc-Si process, resulting in more than 20% cell efficiency in a standard industrial PERC process run in conjunction with Tier 1 cell manufacturer Hanwha Qcell. 

NINES PV and Hanwha Qcell are working together to integrate the ADE dry texturing process into the well established Q.ANTUM PERC process, using diamond wire (DW) cut mc-Si wafers. The ADE process resulted in an uplift compared to the standard reference due to the superior texturing. The cell process used for this demonstration was the same as for the reference wafers that had been textured with the incumbent acidic texturing process; no adjustment of the downstream steps were performed, yet the efficiency obtained reached 20.3%, +0.2% absolute improvement above the best reference.

The results were presented at the 2017 EUPVSEC conference in Amsterdam: " Industrial Plasma-Less Dry Texturing Method for Diamond Wire Cut mc-Si Wafers -the universal ADE texturing process ". Download the poster here

Texturing diamond wire cut wafers:

The ADE texturing process has been demonstrated with several types of crystalline wafers, inlcuding:

+ Cast wafers        + Epitaxial layers        + Diamond wire cut wafers.

More specifically, for mc-Si diamond wire cut wafers, the ADE technology provides a high performance texturing solution for industrial customers willing to move from slurry cut to diamond wire cut wafers in order to avail of the full cost benefit that this technology brings. Several industrials have already evaluated succesfully the ADE texturing. The diamond wire wafering technology is expected to grow significantly over the coming years, as detailed by the ITRPV roadmap ( The flexibility of the process allows a large variety of texture and reflectivity, down to “black-silicon” level, as would be achieved by a RIE vacuum based process.

ONYX© Process for AlBSF mc-Si

In collaboration with Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Nines have demonstrated the ONYX texture process by incorporating the ADE technology in the Fraunhofer ISE pilot production line. The process developed lead to excellent results, with cell efficiencies superior to the standard wet acidic texturing process.

Nanotextured multicrystalline Al-BSF solar cells reaching 18% conversion efficiency using industrially viable solar cell processes. Bishal Kafle1,*, Abdul Mannan1,Timo Freund1, Laurent Clochard2, Edward Duffy2, Marc Hofmann1, Jochen Rentsch1 and Ralf Preu - Article first published online: 7 AUG 2015, DOI: 10.1002/pssr.201510219,physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters, Volume 9, Issue 8, pages 448–452, August 2015. Download the full text  LINK

Nines PV 是一家設備製造商,我們提供乾蝕刻設備給太陽能電池製造商。

我們針對矽硅產品發展出獨特的絨面蝕刻技術: ADE 設備與製程,此技術屏除了真空電漿蝕刻技術例如RIE技術的缺點。


ADE採用熱處裡流程,並無需使用任何溫室氣體如(NO SF6, NO NF3),不會對電池及模組製造商增加任何的附加碳稅。



ADE設備的UPH更高達6,000 wafers/hour。ADE製絨技術亦適用於任何矽硅(多晶、單晶、類單晶)表面,也適用於鑽石切割表面。



目前我們針對電池效率改善部分已經高於0.3%,此一結果已經通過德國Fraunhofer ISE 單位驗整。

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