Nines are offering a range of processing tools with the patented ADE (Atmospheric Dry Etch) technology at the core.This technology offers a range of benefits to the cell manufacturer and an efficient texturing method for diamond wire cut multi-crystalline mc-Si wafers.



ADE is a trully UNIVERSAL texturing solution. It enables the use of any wafer; diamond wire cut wafers, epitaxial wafers, cast wafers, mono and multi crystalline. It is also suited for all wafers sizes from M0 to M4, and ready for the bigger format like M6.

It delivers low reflectivity textures, outperforming industry standards with wafer surface reflectivity Rw values adjustable within a range from 19% down to 2% (black silicon). True Single side processing - the back side is untouched. ADE enables advanced cell architecture whilst also reducing processing costs; it facilitates scalability of the manufacturing process – inline, high throughput, On-Site generation of Etching gases improves the overall sustainability of the manufacturing process, using only Zero Global Warming otential (GWP) Chemicals.

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The €3 million investment is coming from InnoEnergy and supports the development of a high throughput industrial ADE production tool that is planned to be installed with leading Tier-1 PV manufacturer Hanwha Q CELLS.

11/10/17 ADE + PERC = 20.3% efficiency

NINES ADE texture demonstrates 20.3% mc-Si PERC cells at first try with Tier 1 cell manufacturer

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The ADE-100 is aimed at the R&D/Pilot Production line market. 

The ADE100 introduces our customers to the ADE Process and to the flexibility it offers in developing new cell architectures & process flows.  With its compact footprint the ADE-100 has been designed to be installed in lab environments and uses a low concentration of etching gas, delivered from high pressure bottles.


Alternatively this base level, single reactor tool can be modified and upgraded with full loading and unloading automation. For industrial installation using on-site generation of the etching gas, the ADE-100 can deliver output of 30MW. The ADE-100 has already been adopted by some of the most reknown photovoltaic research institutes.




This is a 200MW offering; the ADE-6000.  This product is aimed at Industrial Cell manufacturers for capacity production.

INDUSTRIAL TOOL 6000 wafer/hour

The ADE-6000 is a Multi-reactor version of the ADE-100, meaning that new processes developed on the ADE-100 can be easily transferred to the ADE-6000 with Zero process change risk. Learn more: ADE-6000