Nines are offering a range of standard processing tools with the patented ADE (Atmospheric Dry Etch) technology at the core.This technology offers benefits to the cell manufacturer with an efficient and universal silicon dry etching or texturing process, uniquely suited for cost effective, high throughput industrial applications.

Alternatively, get in touch if your require custom designs suited to your specific application !

Latest News

14/11/22 ADE for TOPCON cells - EUPVSEC 2022

In Milan's conference, Fraunhofer ISE presented its latest TOPCON cell developments, featuring ADE poly etching.

28/03/22 SiliconPV conference 2022

NINES PV will attend the 12th International conference on Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics in Konstanz, Germany.

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> ADE- 100

 The ADE-100 is ideal for R&D and Pilot Production line. 

The ADE100 introduces process flexibility and ease of use to integrate and develop new cell architectures & process flows. With its single lane in-line processing layout and compact footprint, the ADE-100 can be conveniently installed in laboratory environments.

→Learn more:  ADE-100

> ADE- 6000

The ADE-6000 Single Side Etch serie is aimed at Industrial Cell manufacturers for capacity production, with throughputs up to 12,000 wafers/hour: ADE SS POLY-ETCH and ADE SS NANO-TEX are two separate version for etch, and for texture.

Multi-lane version of the ADE-100; new processes developed on the ADE-100 can be easily transferred.

→Learn more:  ADE-6000